A tragic way to begin the Holiday Season…

The National Committee for Families and Children (NCFC) laments the loss of four year
old Jaston Terry and the injury to his older brother that occurred in a traffic accident
yesterday on Cemetery Road. The loss of any life is tragic but the loss of a child so young
who is full of promise and the hope for Belize – is unspeakable.
The NCFC take this opportunity to gently remind motorists and cyclists of the need for
additional precautions in this time when our streets are busy with pedestrians – young and
old. All should obey the traffic laws and exercise great caution when traversing our busy
streets especially in light of the ongoing construction in the city. Furthermore, it is against
the law to drive while intoxicated and such a tragic incident provides an unfortunate
reminder of why these laws must be obeyed by all and at all times.
The NCFC also believes that our law enforcement agencies need to prioritize the upgrading
of their capacities to transport the deceased in a manner that is more dignified and allows for
the dearly departed to be respected. It was evident also that many bystanders – including
children – were privy to the gruesome scene where baby Terry lost his life. As such extra
measures should be taken to properly cordon off crime scenes especially those that are in
public spaces where children have access. While we cannot shield our children from life it is
important that we consider the types of exposure we will permit them to have and the
potential impact that it has on their perceptions of their world and their general well being
and safety.
This incidents also gives cause to remind media houses that while they have a responsibility
to report the news as is public interest that such incidents should be treated with a sensitivity
that considers the impact of reporting (inclusive of footage broadcasted) on the grieving
families and the viewers that watch the newscasts.
“Championing the Rights, Welfare and Development of Belizean Families and Children”
Let us not every grow weary of protecting our children and adopt a zero-tolerance approach
to violence against them in any forms. As we approach the ending of another year may this
be among our thoughts as we celebrate our families and make plans for a brighter future for
our children.
For any further information contact:
Luwani Cayetano
Executive Director
National Committee for Families and Children
62 Cleghorn Street
Belize City, Belize
Tel: 223.0059