National Aids Commission

National Aids Commission
Agency: National Aids Commission
Type: Indirect Service Delivery/Advocacy
Phone Number: 501- 223-7592/7594
Components of the Programme: Recent Work of the Commission

Developed the National Policy on HIV/AIDS which was passed in December 2005.

Completed the National Strategic Plan 2006-2011 to guide the National Response to HIV/AIDS.

Developed a National Communication Strategy to implement activities responding to the priority areas in the Strategic Plan.

Five Main Functions of the Commission
• Advocacy
• Multi-Sectoral Coordination
• Resource Mobilization
• Policy and Legislation Development
• Monitoring and Evaluation
Website Address: http://
Fax: 501-223-3459
Mission: To effectively coordinate multi-sectoral programs which address prevention and mitigation of HIV/AIDS in Belize, while promoting healthy sexual behaviors, reducing discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS (PWHAs) and providing easy access to service
Coverage: National
Population: Entire country of Belize