Women’s Department (Ministry of Human Development)

Women’s Department (Ministry of Human Development)
Agency: Women’s Department (Ministry of Human Development)
Type: Direct Service Delivery, Advocacy, Advisory, Policy
Phone Number: 501-227-7397
Components of the Programme: Community Development
-The Department develops and coordinates services that are primarily aimed at assisting women to take on greater roles and responsibilities withing the local community and enhance their skills and economic independence.

-The Department organizes and facilitates educational workshops throughout the country on issues of interest to women and men. It participates in radio and television programs and hosts a resource library that houses books, reports and magazines and research papers that relate to women.

Policy Development
-The Department works along with NGO’s and other Government Ministries to lobby and advocate for the development of gender-sensitive policies and programs that will enhance the lives of women.

-The Women’s Department offers course in Computer Literacy, Sewing, Cake Decorating, Arts & Craft,Personal Development and Gender Awareness.
Website Address: http://www.mohd.gov.bz
Fax: 501-227-1275
Mission: To promote gender equality and equity thereby enabling women to be actively involved in and enjoy all benefits of development.
Coverage: National
Population: All members of society with special focus on women