Monitoring Progress of the Children’s Agenda – Children’s Agenda Info

NCA Dashboard – A Powerful Tool for Advocacy and Public Accountability for Children

The Children’s Agenda Info is an ICT-based platform that supports the progress monitoring of the Children’s Agenda 2017-2030 via the M&E Systems Design.

The M&E System Design defines the key performance measures related to the Five (5) National Outcome and Six (6) Transformational Goals both in terms of the related metadata, baselines, 2030 target and interim milestones.

Tracking the progress of the Children’s Agenda via the NCA Dashboard will allow for:

  • Enhance Learning and Development: Lessons from experience will provide information on what works and not; thus, serve as a basis to adjust or redesign as necessary national social policies and contribute to enhanced capacity and a cadre of M&E practitioners across government;
  • Ensure Informed Decision-making: Without appropriate information, things are done arbitrarily, and one is uncertain of the benefits, if any, of national policies. If we allow national policies to be guided by empirical facts and data, there is a greater chance of development success and if there is failure, at least we understand why, and we learn from the past. To this end, the M&E system will contribute to the achievement of more cost efficient and effective results and ensure that ex-ante, national policies (new and maintained) adequately consider lessons learned from prior interventions.
  • Support Substantive Accountability: responsibility for ensuring value for money, cost efficiency and transparency in implementation;
  • Serve as a Model: for social sector ministries to enhance and build capacities in the delivery, monitoring and evaluation of social interventions