Human Rights Commission of Belize

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Components of the Programme
Advocacy -Working alongside employers, educators, health officials, children etc. for a representative policy and the establishment of a Legal and Human Rights Committee to ensure that the needs of persons affected by HIV/AIDS are adequately met. Annual Drive -Event geared at soliciting food items and other supplies in support of families affected by HIV/AIDS. Hotline -Provides the public with an avenue for obtaining information and quick facts on HIV/AIDS, while maintain their anonymity. Each caller is treated as a potential client and are offered further services if desired or necessary through the Support Servicing Program. Hotline number:501-223-6911 Positive Lives Program -Provides as enabling environment for PLWHA and their families; aimed at functioning as a support group. Public Awareness -National Conference on HIV/AIDS every 2 years; linkages with NAC; radio and television programs; involvement with World AIDS fair. Support Servicing -Service initiated with the completion of an intake form inclusive of pre and post-testing counseling, blood extraction, testing, direct links with trained doctors, educational session and referral services. Individual client is a point.
Seeking to improve the lives of persons living with and affected by HIV/AIDS
Belize District
All persons living with and affected by HIV/AIDS
Rodel Beltran Perrera