Maternal and Child Health Programme (Ministry of Health)

Maternal and Child Health Programme (Ministry of Health)
Direct Service Delivery, Policy
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Components of the Programme
Child Health
-Includes an expanded programme on Immunization; child growth and development; integrated management of childhood illness; prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV(MTCT).

Domestic Violence
-Coordination of the national surveilance system on domestic violence, identification, treatment and referrals of victims.

Safe Motherhood Initiative
-The basic pillars of this initiative are family planning, clean and safe delivery, caring of new borns, obstetrics,and emergency care. This initiative is coordinated by an inter-sectoral committee.

SRH Policy
-In line with this policy,a national strategic plan is being elaborated to undertake comprehensive execution of the defined areas through inter-scetoral participation
Women in the reproductive age group (15-49) and children (0-5)