Special Envoy for Women and Children

Special Envoy for Women and Children
Phone Number
(501) 223-1941 or 223-1942
Components of the Programme
The Special Envoy for Children and Women is the Belizean champion for children, working primarily in collaboration with the Ministry of Human Development and Social Transformation and the National Committee for Families and Children to fulfill the following duties: a) Advocate for and influence the development of social policies and legislation in defense of children. b) Advocate for the implementation of programmes and initiatives that benefit children and their families and promote their rights. c) Collaborate with government and quasi-government bodies to present projects seeking financial resources at home and abroad to support government programmes and initiatives for children. d) To participate in delegations that represent the Government of Belize at international and national forums relating to children. e) Engage in public awareness and education activities designed to sensitize the general public to issues affecting children.
Street Address
4972 Withfield Tower