Youth Enhancement Services (Y.E.S)

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Components of the Programme
Y.E. S Training center
Located in Lord’s bank village in a safe environment, the training center offers a two year program for girls who are not in mainstream school system. The program allows students to gain practical skills, express themselves freely without judgment and grow with spiritual guidance. The curriculum includes Hospitality Training, Non traditional skills (eg. Upholstery making), Remedial Math, Drama and Life Skills, Computer Training, Social Studies, Science and Counseling.
Y.E.S Center For Teenage Mothers
In 1998, this center was opened to offer pregnant teens and young mothers, a safe and supportive place to receive information and guidance that will help them during and after their pregnancy. The services offered includes, Pre & Post- natal car, educational sessions, counseling, referral services, social opportunities and care hampers.
Outreach and Advocacy Department
The department continues to raise public awareness about the issues affecting young women and girls in Belize, through community based programs such as leadership training, young women’s forums, public meetings, workshops, monthly leadership group, school presentation, and community plays. This department also lobbies to the Government for change of legislature to protect women and girls from sexual abuse and other violence affecting them.
Empowering young women to lead, secure, independent and fulfilling lives, through education, skills training, advocacy and outreach.
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